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Are you an Israeli startup wanting to secure investment, so you can finally take your product to market and start growing your business globally?

If you’re screaming a big resounding YES, we suggest you keep reading

The truth is: most startups don’t ever get their product to market because they can’t raise enough funds from investors.

The real reason for that is not because your product stinks.

It’s because you’re not talking to investors in a way THEY understand. You’re not ‘speaking their language’ so they see the value in investing into your idea.

You’re likely trying to sell them on the product features, telling them all about how amazing your idea is…but you’re still not hearing a ‘yes’ from them when it comes to securing investment.

Investors want to hear an emotional story. They want to know why this will grab people and make them want to work with you.

In short, they want to know how your idea is going to make them lots of $$s.

If you want to secure a healthy investment, you need to present investors with a trustworthy and memorable brand image and story, that piques their interest and make your pitch stand out from all the other pitches they hear on a weekly basis.


We are the Unicorns

your new best friends.

Hi, I’m Grace.

A Brit in Tel Aviv and also a Brand Strategist & Content Writer. my journey into branding and content started over 7 years ago at a HR tech startup in London. Since then I’ve become super passionate about helping businesses just like yours tell your story in a powerful way that connects with people. I’m here to help people fall in love with your brand, using words that are simple yet effective, and convey the true value of what you do and how you can help people.

Shalom, I’m David.

I’m an Israeli visual designer. For the past twenty or so years I have had the privilege of working with hundreds of businesses and organizations, branding (or rebranding) them, bringing their vision to conceptual purification and visual realization.
As an entrepreneur and partner in several startups myself, I bring a unique perspective that weighs the needs of the startup together with my abilities as a designer and knows how to tailor solutions adapted to these unique needs.

So how can Unicorn help you secure investment so you can finally launch your product and start making money in your startup?


Our idea started with a vision. We are 2 freelancers who saw an opportunity to use our expertise to help businesses just like yours.

Startups who are longing to take their idea and turn it into a fully launched business that makes money.

We get it. You’re the brains behind the business. You’ve crafted this really cool product that you know is gonna impact so many lives in a big way.

You’ve made it this far with your drive, commitment, determination, ideas, big vision. BUT there’s one thing you’re missing…you’re not a marketer.

You don’t know how to tell a story. You’re not sure how to create compelling words that sell. You’re unsure how to present a premium looking brand to investors that will make them take your idea seriously.

And that’s ok. You can’t be an expert in everything. You’re an expert in your startup. That’s why you’re there and we’re here 😉

We help you bring your vision and ideas to life in an engaging way that connects with investors. We help you present a compelling story that connects with investors in a way they understand. In a way that ‘speaks to them’ so they fully appreciate exactly what you do and how it will make THEM money and fill up THEIR bank account.




What can we do for you?

Our prime goal is to understand your business and your goals, so we can provide you with the best service to make your brand stand out to investors. From presentations to websites, sales pages to blogs to social media, we’ve got you covered.

Drop us a note

If you’re ready to secure investment so you can finally take your product to market and start growing a global business, we want to help you.

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